Flight: ​​​​​​​​​​​The baritone CD in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service

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​​Keith's story

Keith was driving to work on a February morning in 2015. It had been an icy night, but it was a sunny morning, and the ice had melted mostly. However, unfortunately Keith managed to skid on some ice that had formed in a section of the road and his car careered into a tree. It rendered Keith immediately unconscious, and Keith was very lucky in the fact that the accident was witnessed by a medical professional, who realised the seriousness of the situation and had the presence of mind to call ‘Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service’ immediately. This was so lucky, as the road that this occurred on was a country road and was never busy.
The next massive stroke of luck was that The Service had to decide whether or not they could come out, as at the time, their helicopter had no headlights, and it was still fairly dark. The accident occurred right next to a power station, and it took great skill for the pilot to be able to land the helicopter near the scene of the accident. They managed to revive Keith and put him into an induced coma and transport him to The John Ratcliffe Hospital in Oxford, where the first part of Keith’s long recovery started. Keith also had spells at Northampton General hospital, Leamington Spa, and a care home, back in Weston Favel, Northampton
Keith feels absolutely massively indebted to all of the people that played a part in his ongoing recovery, particularly to Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service.
Coincidentally, the nearest brass band to the care home to which Keith was assigned, just happened to be GUS. Band members where so supportive and brought Keith down to listen to rehearsals. Also, Keith’s local band from where he was living at the time of the accident (Towcester Studio) would enable Keith to sit in and start a playing recovery. ​

Keith still went down to listen to GUS and even play when possible. Keith was absolutely so chuffed and thrilled to be able to help the band win The Mineworkers Championship in January 2017 which was nearly 2 years after the accident.